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Again, Who Do We Do Business with in Pakistan?
The crassly cynical political developments in Pakistan, epitomized by the Memogate scandal, befit a banana republic. The Army is accusing the Head of State of acting against national security by seeking to conspire with the US to curb its power. In a move without parallel anywhere the Army Chief has approached the Pakistani Supreme Court to investigate the matter. The former Pakistani Ambassador to Washington is lodged in the Prime Minsiter’s Residence for fear that he may either be physically eliminated by the military or coerced into signing some statement under duress.
China’s Plans for Capturing the High Ground in Space
China has been regularly coming out with white papers in many areas of its endeavour including defence and space activities. Promoting transparency is claimed to be one of the main goals of such an exercise. But largely such papers hide more and reveal less. Further transparency, at times can be a double edged sword especially in the military arena where one would like to both show off own competence so as to deter one’s likely adversaries as also be secretive about any exceptional progress made so as to not reveal too much; in addition at the same time one would like to hide own weaknesses.
Health Care for All
In India at least since the British came to rule us it is the State which took upon itself the responsibility for providing health care. In 1925 in the undivided province of the Punjab Sir Fazl-i-Husain scheme for health care was initiated. The broad aim of the scheme was that there should be a civil dispensary for every hundred square miles of territory and no villagers need have to go more than five miles to find state provided medical help.
Peace Efforts Low on Credibility
The announcement that the Taliban will be opening an office in Qatar should be a cause for some reflection. The US and its allies are politically exhausted and economically drained by the war in Afghanistan. They no longer seek a clear victory; they want to avoid the impression of defeat. The policy of “reconciliation” obfuscates the reality of their political and military failure in Afghanistan.
The Strongman Cracks
The Russian Constitution allows a president only two consecutive terms in power. Vladimir Putin was President from 2000 to 2008. Highly popular for having restored the political and economic authority of the state as well as national self-respect after the disarray of the Yeltsin years, he could have obtained another term through a constitutional amendment with wide public support.
Reforming the Judiciary
The basic structure of the Constitution of India divides the State into three equal but separate constituents which, nevertheless, have a degree of convergence and interaction because each is incomplete without the others.
American Nightmare
Book Review - That Used To Be US by Tom Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. The book spells out succintly where the US is slipping up, says Kanwal Sibal As the title suggests, this book deals with the reality of the United States’ slow decline, the reasons for it, and how the country can recover its global pre-eminence.
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