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The Necessity of Reinventing a Shared Cultural Past–India and Southeast Asia
[The story of India’s two thousand years old association with the Southeast Asian region remains a unique and unparalleled saga in the history of civilisations. It is a fascinating story that continues to retain its vibrancy and appeal. Indian culture found ready acceptance in this region, penetrated it peacefully and percolated deep into the region’s collective life and manifested itself through its various forms of expressions. That civilisational tie remains alive and vibrant even today.
No Reason For India To Align With West On Its Pet Causes
We should be politically clear-sighted about our supposed “international obligations” as a rising global power. We are accused at times of being “free-loaders” who benefit from the global system without assuming sufficient responsibility for maintaining it. Now that India is rising as a global power we are expected to share the burden of maintaining a stable and peaceful international environment that allows global trade, investment and prosperity to spread accompanied by an expansion of human freedoms and democracy.
Analysis of Japan’s Natural Disaster
The triple crisis which hit Japan on March 11 and subsequently, has led to a trail of devastation in its wake. Weeks after the crisis the death toll has crossed 12,000 counts, with 15,500 people still missing, and 4,50,000 people rendered homeless. The government’s estimate for the direct damage caused by the disaster is as high as $310 billion, accounting for about 6% of Japan’s GDP, making it the world’s costliest natural disaster till date.
Defending China: PRC’s Defence White Paper 2010 and Military Transparency
As part of its effort towards bringing in more transparency in military affairs People’s Republic of China has been regularly churning out its white papers on national defence since 1998. Progressively, China has been increasing the length of its defence white papers so as to convey more information to justify its defence policies and expenditure to the domestic and international audience at large. However, such an exercise has been part of its perception management endeavours which reveal less and hide more.
Assessment of Left Wing Extremism, 2010
While addressing the 2010 Chief Minister’s conference on internal security, the Home Minister P Chidambaram stated the plan of action against Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in the following words: “At the last Conference of Chief Ministers, I had announced that we would encourage State Governments to talk to the Naxalites if they abjured violence. Our public offer was scoffed at and spurned by the CPI (Maoist). Hence, in consultation with the Chief Ministers of Naxal affected States, we decided to boldly confront the challenge thrown by the CPI (Maoist).
The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan of 11th March 2011: A Wake up Call for India
On 11th Mar 11 literally the hell struck the north eastern coastal areas of Japan in the form of a devastating earthquake of 9 magnitude which triggered a powerful tsunami with 10 meter high waves which travelled 10 km inland at jet speed. It has left 4.4 million households in Northeastern Japan without electricity and about 1.4 million households without water. 450,000 people have been shifted to temporary relief shelters. As of today, the number of people dead are 10,000and reported missing are approximately 17,004.
Need to move step by step
Good sense dictates that we remain open to the possibility of settling our differences with Pakistan, but common sense demands that we do not anxiously chase solutions. We seem to believe that our over-display of readiness to engage Pakistan will goad it to respond constructively. Our repeated overtures in fact give Pakistan more political room to make demands and lay the terms of a revived dialogue.
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