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Post-election Myanmar and Indian Strategy
As India strives to find its place in the international system and in the region as an important player, the result of the recently concluded 7 November 2010 elections in Myanmar has apparently thrown up some challenges for Indian strategy. There were about 3, 000 candidates contested for 1,063 seats to two houses of parliament and 14 regional or state assemblies.
Rising India Must Tap Full Potential of Ties with France
President Sarkozy’s impending visit to India (December 4-6) should be seen in the larger perspective of India’s rise and the external environment that has facilitated this. India-France relations have strong foundations built over many decades. Until now, despite good political understanding based on mutual respect, equality, shared attachment to independent positions on international issues and recognition of reciprocal benefits of close engagement in diverse fields, the full potential of the relationship has remained unachieved.
Need for Changing the Course of Sino-Indian Relations
The most important task for us ahead of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit in the middle of next month is to grasp the essence of the book ‘Diplomacy Today: Subject and Method’ written by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov last year. It is essential to remember the following words of this seasoned diplomat: ‘ours is the time of sweeping transformations, which call for profound comprehension, otherwise the diplomacy of any state might lose its contacts with reality and, therefore, its efficiency of a foreign policy instrument’.
A Cracker of a Visit, But will The Sparkle Last?
President Obama’s much heralded visit to India produced mixed results. The inordinate coverage given to the visit has exaggerated the positives and obscured some deficient outcomes.
Has Obama's Visit Addressed India's Core Concerns?
Satish Chandra, the former deputy national security adviser, wonders whether India's core interests were addressed during President Obama's meetings with Prime Minister Singh. That the three-day Obama visit to India was an indisputable success is not in doubt whether seen from the public diplomacy angle, the transactional arrangements arrived at, the purely political side, or the reinforcement of rapport between the president and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Enhancing the Indo-US Defence Relations: Dissecting the Three ‘Foundational’ Agreements
Introduction The international environment remains in flux. Even though there is a belief that major wars are unlikely yet history has the uncanny knack of surprising us; it is therefore encumbent for nation states while abjuring conflict to remain prepared for the same. As Asia becomes economically the most dynamic region it is riddled with maximum trouble spots either on account of historical legacy or emerging balance of power equations.
Myanmar Elections: Legitimacy and Beyond
Feeble public interest in the elections in Myanmar scheduled for 7 November 2010 has not influenced neighbours of the country from watching keenly the unfolding scenario. The military regime seems to have decided on the exercise in order to gain some legitimacy to its rule. Elections, even though non-inclusive, would stem for some time a popular uprising such as the “Monk Revolution” of 2007.
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