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I, The People !!
While campaigning for the by-election in Hisar Arvind Kejriwal, of RTI fame, made the amazing statement that Anna Hazare was right in saying that he was above Parliament, because as a citizen he is sovereign. I tried to excuse this as election rhetoric, till the full purport of the words sank in and I realized what a justification for fascism Kejriwal had given.
Geostrategic Factors In Indo-US Relations
An examination of the history of the Indo-American engagement since Indian Independence shows that there were three major occasions when the relationship might have developed along more positive lines. These were, first, in the period immediately after Independence; the second was in the aftermath of the India-China war of 1962; and the last was after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the USSR. This last phase is still on-going, and is showing better results than the previous two, but there is still much that needs to be clarified – and changed - on both sides.
Indo-Bangladesh Defence Cooperation: Op Sampriti and Beyond
When Sheikh Hasina’s government in Dhaka reciprocated in almost full measure to Indian overtures by apprehending and repatriating important Indian insurgent leaders billeting in her country, the doors opened not only for improved bilateral cooperation, but also for a basis that could present itself as a substratum for proximate military ties. Indeed, India had already set it as an agenda during the caretaker regime period when the Bangladesh army virtually governed the country, and the visit of the Bangladesh army chief, Gen.
China’s Stance in East Asia at Odds with Pok Policy
Friction betwen India and China has expanded from South Asia to East Asia. Reacting to two oil exploration blocks offered by Vietnam to India in the South China Sea, China has called on countries to refrain from such ventures because of its “indisputable sovereignty” over the Sea. India has firmly rebuffed these objections by stating that its cooperation with Vietnam or with any other country is always as per international laws, norms and conventions, reiterating, furthermore, that it “supports freedom of navigation in South China Sea” .
What is Leadership all about?
The one single tract which guides our democracy is the Constitution of India. The Preamble of the Constitution establishes two specific conditions of government in India. First and foremost is the statement that sovereignty vests in the people and the right to make and unmake the Constitution also vests in the people. Secondly, the Preamble lays down the mandate for those who are required to work for the people in accordance with the Constitution.
Getting lost in Afghanistan
It’s 10 years of the ongoing war in Afghanistan. As the US-led NATO forces prepare the ground to throw in the towel, the situation in the region remains as critical as ever. And, it’s unlikely to change until the Pakistan problem is sorted out
This paper will begin with two stories, neither of which is apocryphal. Both relate to Neemuch Sub Division of Mandsaur District (Neemuch is now a separate district), both are from 1960 and the officer who figures in them is Manish Bahl, a 1957 batch IAS officer, who was SDO Neemuch. A question was asked in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly wanting information on how many temples (mandirs) there were in Madhya Pradesh, how much money did the government spend on their upkeep and was there a proposal for increasing the maintenance grant.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
June 7, 2019
VIF News Digest: National Security, Defence Studies and Terrorism, 16-31 May, 2019

DEFENCE MRSAM Firing Trials; Brief on SIMBEX-19; Successful Firing of BrahMos Air Launched Missile from Su-30 MKI...

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International Development
June 7, 2019
VIF News Digest: International Developments, 27 May – 6 June, 2019

USA Huawei Chairman willing to sign a 'No-Spy' deal with the United States, 4 June 2019 A top Huawei executive said that...

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Neighbourhood News
June 19, 2019
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: June 19, 2019

PAKISTAN Pakistan, Japan sign MoU on defence cooperation: Dawn June 19, 2019 Pakistan and Japan on Tuesday signed a...

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