Q. PLA ( People Liberation Army ),Valley Based Insurgent Group of Manipur is one of the potent insurgent group. How is this PLA insurgent group related directly to PLA ( People Liberation Army ) of China ? In case of India's Conflict / hostility with China, will China use PLA insurgent group to create disturbance in North Eastern states especially Manipur and with Maoist / Naxalite in the mainland India ?
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Replied by Col Jaideep Chanda
Relation between PLA China and PLA Manipur

People's Liberation Army (PLA) of Manipur, was founded on 25 September 1978, under the leadership of N. Bisheshwar. The PLA (Manipur) was named by the founder as suggested by their initial mentors, the PLA of China. The pioneer group (referred to as the Ojhas) of the PLA (Manipur) had attended indoctrination and training in China for two years before returning to India and starting the insurgency. The group was intrinsically Leftist and had strong links with the Naxal movement.

In a conflict like situation, use of all means available to the adversary has to be factored into our planning. Hence for all purposes, China will strive to make use of PLA Manipur and other insurgent groups to create disturbances in North Eastern states. However they are not likely to be successful given the ethos of the insurgent groups and the limited influence that China has over them in recent times.

Date : 03/06/2020
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