Q. I want to know about the Architecture and planning of INDIAN DEFENCE UNIVERSITY, Binola, Gurugram, for Architectural Thesis. This is very important for me to make further progress in research for my thesis.
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Replied by Col Jaideep Chanda

Firstly, the nomenclature presently being followed is Indian Defence University and NOT Indian National Defence University.

In May 2010, the Union Cabinet accorded ‘In Principle’ approval for setting up of IDU at Binola, Gurgaon. After acquisition of approx. 202 Acre land at Binola, the foundation stone was laid by Hon’ble PM on 23 May 13. IDU would be a fully autonomous institution to be constituted under an Act of Parliament. It will not be a UGC University nor will it follow UGC norms. IDU will come into being post enactment of IDU Act. After which, construction will commence at Binola. Phase I is likely to take 3-4 years, till then present loc of the Directorate of IDU i.e. Jodhpur Officers' Hostel has been identified as a suitable temporary location for the Defence University.

The construction of the University Complex per se can only commence after the passage of the proposed legislative enactment for establishment of IDU. The issue of the architectural design and planning will only commence after the passage of the Act.

Date : 08/04/2020
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