Q. Ashok Kumar asked: Why is India not able to outshine the influence of China in Myanmar after even establishing a democracy in Myanmar?
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Replied by VIF :

While India and China are the two largest and growing economies in Asia, but that does not necessarily attribute similar capabilities and capacities to them. History, geography, culture, governmental systems all contribute to how each state wants to undertake its domestic and foreign policy. India and China cannot be understood through the same lens. Each has its strengths and limitations.

Similarly their engagement with Myanmar, has different contours and hues. They are both important neighbour for Myanmar and they enjoy various levels of engagements, spanning strategic, political, economic, and cultural links. For India, its engagement with Myanmar or any other neighbour is not about outshining any other, but more about meeting its commitment towards their growth and progress. Close friendly relations is what India seeks with Myanmar and they both value the bilateral partnership they have enjoyed over the years. The present Myanmar government is also working closely with India and India deeply appreciates the democratic reforms that Myanmar continues to undertake.

Posted on April 10, 2019
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