VIF Information Alerts - 4th December 2018
Logistic Sharing Agreement With Russia in the Offing - Indian Navy Chief

Published: Sputnik International
03 Dec 2018

India and Russia are in the process of concluding a military logistics sharing agreement, Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba said on Monday during the annual press meet in New Delhi. "Draft agreement is being worked on to share military logistics with Russia. The draft will move forward soon," Admiral Sunil Lanba said on Monday.

If the agreement is concluded, Russia would be the fourth country with which India will have such agreement with. India has already signed militarily logistics sharing agreements with the US, France, Oman, and Singapore. Australia too has sent a draft agreement.Click here to read..

‘JAI’ to work on security structure for Indo-Pacific

Published: The Economic Times
04 Dec 2018

The India-Japan-US trilateral grouping will begin work on a five-point agenda as the three powers devise security structures for the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region. Although the first summit by Modi, Abe and Trump who met in Argentina seemed like a last-minute thing, top sources here said the trilateral summit was planned weeks ahead, and it was a deliberate decision to avoid the announcement until the very end. To balance things out, India pushed for a revival of the Russia-India-China summit, where Modi, Putin and Xi met without an agenda but a deep conversation.Click here to read..

After gains in Afghanistan, resurgent Taliban is in no rush for peace talks

Published: The Washington Post
03 Dec 2018

Everyone, it seems, is pushing for peace in Afghanistan these days. President Trump’s special envoy is racing around the region, trying to drum up support for talks with the insurgent Taliban. The Russians, eager to get into the act, have hosted a conference on the issue. The Pakistanis, long accused of abetting the insurgents, insist they want to help end the war. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani hopes to win reelection in April as the man who brought peace to his country after 17 years. The Taliban, however, seems to be in no hurry at all.Click here to read..

Pakistan says Trump seeks help on Taliban talks

Published: The Washington Post
03 Dec 2018

ISLAMABAD — President Donald Trump has reached out to Pakistan’s prime minister, sending Imran Khan a letter seeking cooperation in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table to end the 17-year war in neighboring Afghanistan, officials said Monday.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry did not release the letter, but said it expressed Trump’s commitment to achieving a negotiated settlement to the war in Afghanistan. The ministry said the letter suggested the two countries “explore opportunities to work together and renew their partnership.”Click here to read..

Sri Lanka Court Temporarily Blocks Mahinda Rajapaksa From Prime Minister’s Job

Published: The New York Times
03 Dec 2018

Sri Lankan court issued an order on Monday temporarily preventing the disputed prime minister from holding office, the latest twist in a political crisis that has paralyzed the island nation.

The Court of Appeal ordered Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet to appear on Dec. 12 and to explain on what authority they hold office after Parliament voted against them twice last month. The order prohibits them from conducting government business in the meantime.Click here to read..

India remains the cornerstone of our foreign policy: Bhutan Foreign Minister

Published: The Hindu
03 Dec 2018

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Tshering is expected to visit Delhi in late December, in the first high-level exchange between the Modi government and the newly elected government of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) party that won a surprise victory last month. Ahead of the visit, Bhutan’s new Foreign Minister, Tandi Dorji, speaking over the telephone, said the change in government would not alter the Himalayan country’s foreign policy focus.Click here to read..

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