Workshop On “Indian Ethos in Management” (For Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, B-school professors, management students and other professionals)
Tentative dates: September 18-19, 2019
Introduction to the Workshop

The dynamism of global trade and business, competitiveness, sustainability and new parameters of excellence present huge challenges to business entities both corporate and non-corporate, in a big way. The pressure to stay relevant and grow, sustain and make profit may sometimes become so over powering in the minds of business executives that the very quest for the goals can become counterproductive to business interest. The recent case of successful coffee baron of Café Coffee Day committing suicide despite setting up a conglomerate of repute and international standard is an event to reckon with. It is time to pause and rethink the way business is conducted, valued, the ideal pace of growth and the quality and not just quantum value of business goals.

While economic goals may be clear, the practical value of these benchmarks in terms of mental, spiritual and social well-being may need more clarity. A realignment of the goals, their nature, approach and even the pace of achievement need to be reassessed in favour of welfare of those who own, run, benefit and get impacted by the business.

In this context, the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) intends to bring to management students, business persons, mid-career professionals and business planners, elements of Indian thought through the ages that help us align professional goals with virtue, ethics and the cultural principles tried and tested through the history of Indian culture. The workshop- Indian Ethos in Management attempts to equip practitioners and students with concepts, principles and skills for better synchronisation of mental, spiritual and material objectives.

The idea is to sustain and grow in a state of well-being rather than burn and perish in a bid to meet external goals.

Interested participants are required to send in their applications by filling the details given in the link below. VIF invites applications from the business and management circles to participate in this workshop free of cost.

Last date of submission: 10 September 2019
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