Q. How India deals with both Russia as well as the US in the age of Globalisation?
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Replied by Aayush Mohanty

India's relationship with Russia and the U.S since the end of the Cold War around 30 years ago has been cordial while strengthening defence and technology cooperation. India's unique foreign policy to not take sides in a conflict while maintaining the non-alignment stance. Although, there has been a shift from non-alignment to multi-alignment as India believes that in a globalised world multipolarity is the way to move forward. Multipolarity would be necessary to deal especially with non-traditional security threats like climate change, which threatens the national security of all countries. The recent news cycle has put emphasis on a deepening of India-US cooperation, but India's insistence on taking delivery of S-400 missiles from Russia shows the character and balance in India's foreign policy towards major powers.

Date : 11/01/2021
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