Q. Ashok Kumar asked: What are the politico-strategic impact of China's Special Economic Zone in Kyaukphyu in Myanmar and the China-Myanmar Economic corridor on India? Why is India not able to establish such strategic advantages in Myanmar?
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Replied by VIF :

Both the projects in Kyaukphyu, consisting of three projects: a deep-sea port, an industrial park, and a residential area and a deep-sea port and the building the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC), are been considered key for the Belt and Road Initiative. The Kyaukphyu project is poised to be a trade route with India and towards the West, and will give China access to the Indian Ocean and the deep-sea port will support the oil trade through the Shwe oil-gas pipeline. The China-Myanmar Economic corridor will connect Yunnan and three important economic centers in Myanmar, including Mandalay, Yangon New City and the Special Economic Zone in Kyaukphyu. Besides promoting the economic integration of the region, China is keen to deepen its footprints in this neighbourhood.

May not be with the same pace, but India is also working on building connectivity and trade infrastructure with Myanmar and the neighbours share a close strategic partnership. It is difficult to see all bilateral ties through the same lens and Myanmar enjoys close partnership, specially economic ties with both its neighbours, India and China. Once the Kaladan Multi Model Transit Transport Project and the Trilateral Highway between India, Myanmar and Thailand is completed the Indo-Myanmar bilateral ties will clearly gather more momentum.

Posted on April 10, 2019
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