VIF-RIAC Round Table on “Keeping Track of the Ukraine Crisis; New Phase and Progressing Strategic Implications”
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The Russian International Affairs Council and Vivekananda International Foundation jointly organised an online Round Table on the Ukraine Crisis and its implications on October 13, 2022. The Round Table was jointly chaired by Dr. Andrey Kortunov, Director General, RIAC and Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director VIF.

There was a free flowing discussion on the following issues:-

a) Comparing notes on strategic implications of Ukraine crisis.

b) Results of high level meetings in Samarkand.

c) Russia-India cooperation agenda in the new circumstances.

After Opening/Welcome remarks by Dr. Kortunov, Dr. Arvind Gupta outlined India’s perspective on situation in Ukraine and emphasised on finding a modus Vivendi to end the violence and bring the ongoing conflict to an end. The conflict has not only grave implications for energy and food security but also has negative implications for our climate change efforts. The other participants were Amb. Gleb Ivashenstov, Amb. DB Venkatesh Verma, former Indian Ambassador to Russia, Prof. Dmitry, Trenin, Amb. PS Raghavan, Chairman NSAB, former Ambassador to Russia, Ireland & Czech Republic, Dr. Alexey Zakharov, Lt. Gen. Ravi Sawhney, Dr Vasily Kashin, Amb. Pankaj Saran former Deputy NSA and Ambassador to Russia & Bangladesh, Dr. Alexi Kupriyanov, Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma, Air Marshal Rajesh Kumar former head India’s Strategic Forces Command and Vice Adm Satish Soni formerly C-in-C of India’s Western and Easter Naval Commands.

The entire proceedings were moderated by Ms. Ksenia Kuzima, RIAC Deputy Director of Programmes.

There was intense discussion on the Ukraine crisis which also threw up the different approaches of India and Russia on some of the key questions. On the various aspects of SCO summit in Samarkand Indian side emphasised on the prospects of improving connectivity to Central Asia through Iran using the International North South Transport Corridor; there was also some discussion on Afghanistan and counter terrorism efforts. It was also observed that because of the Ukraine crisis India-Russia trade has expanded because of purchase by India of large amounts of Russian oil. It was emphasised that both sides need to diversify the trade basket and this could be an opportunity in the present crisis.

Event Date 
October 13, 2022

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