Webinar on "National Security and Media"
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The VIF organized a webinar on " India's National Security and Media" on 22 February 2021. Dr Arvind Gupta, Director VIF in his opening remarks highlighted the important role media plays in how a national security issue is projected, presented, and interpreted by the domestic and international audience at large. He also emphasized the need for more training for spokespersons, better coordination between the government and media, and role of think tanks to build vital narratives quickly in the current era of hyper information. Following his remarks, Pranay Upadhyay, ABP News and Ajit Dubey, ANI News shared their experiences in reporting defense and national security issues from the ground. Both the journalists noted the significance and responsibilities of media as an important tool of statecraft and potent vehicle to carry information to the masses. They shared examples of recent instances where time lag and confusion between the Indian government and media led to disparate narratives. In their suggestions, they highlighted the necessity for more proactive approach by the authorities to early on outline broad contours of events to meet the requirements of the modern news cycle. They also pressed for more active engagement by think tanks in shaping the media landscape, so that the nuances of any national security event can be better informed to the Indian public.

Event Date 
February 22, 2021

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