IPIS-VIF Dialogue on Bilateral, Regional and International Issues
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India and Iran share close historical and cultural links dating back to ancient times. In contemporary times, this relationship is multi-faceted and includes cooperation in political, trade-economic, security and multiple other sectors. In order to assess the dynamics of India-Iran relations, the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) Iran, in collaboration with the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organized a virtual dialogue on Bilateral, Regional and International Issues on Monday, May 24, 2021, 15:00-1630 Hrs. Dr. Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour, President, IPIS delivered welcome remarks followed by introductory remarks by Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director VIF. The main topics discussed in this virtual dialogue included Afghanistan, developments in the Gulf and South Asia, JCPOA, China-India and Iran-China relations. From VIF side, Amb DP Srivastava, Amb Amar Sinha, Sh. Tilak Devasher, Prof Sujit Dutta participated as a speaker in this dialogue.

Salient points that emerged after the discussion-
  • The evolving situation in Afghanistan is a matter of concern. Doha agreement has failed to modify the Taliban's behaviour. The establishment of a government of Taliban's conception would pose a threat to peace and stability of the region and will be resisted by the people of Afghanistan. India has invested three billion dollars in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. Iran, as an immediate neighbour, has a stake in the stability of the country. There is a need for greater engagement between India and Iran.
  • Since the election of Joe Biden as President of the USA, there are prospects of revival of the Iran nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). If JCPOA is revived, it will contribute to peace, stability and cooperation in the region.
  • India-Iran relations are based on ancient ties. Even during the strict sanctions, India and Iran had good relations. Iran is also crucial for India’s Afghanistan and Central Asia policy. However, bilateral relations have the potential to go beyond the current status. The two sides discussed strengthening trade, investment, energy, and connectivity relationship after lifting of the sanctions. Overall, the India-Iran relation is crucial in the changing regional and global environment.
  • The two sides also discussed China, the situation in South Asia, Gulf, and West Asia.

The dialogue generated good interest, and there were many points of discussion.

Event Date 
May 24, 2021

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