Interaction with Tilak Devasher on his book “Pakistan: Courting the Abyss”
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Mr. Tilak Devasher, former civil servant, author and columnist, shared key findings of his outstanding research, titled ‘Pakistan: Courting the Abyss’ in a panel discussion, held at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on 27 January 2017. With Amb Satish Chandra and Mr. Rana Banerji, among other eminent security and policy experts, on the panel, the discussion broadly aimed at examining the causes of Pakistan’s multi-organ failure and the remedies thereto.

In his agenda-setting opening remarks, General NC Vij, Director, VIF, figured out a broad range of agenda points for subsequent discussions: threat Pakistan poses to India, in particular, and to the wider world, in general; its fractured polity and feudalistic society that breeds terrorism; the problem of loose nukes; and, China-Pakistan nexus, among other issues. The Director however said, what sets ‘Pakistan: Courting the Abyss’ apart from other books on Pakistan is that it delves into deeper issues such as education, water, demographic challenges etc.

On his part, Mr. Devasher presented a searing analysis of the state where Pakistan is poised today i.e. a pivotal point in its history. While examining Pakistan’s dysfunctionality as a state, the author had a word of caution to the policy planners in Pakistan: given the
hydra-headed problem faced by Pakistan, a mere tinkering with issues will only make matter worse. Mr. Devasher however contended that Pakistan needs to act real fast to put its house in order failing which it will slide further into abyss. How much time does Pakistan have to get its together? A decade, at the most, if it does not change the trajectory of its slide.

Is Pakistan listening?

Event Date 
January 27, 2017
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