Visit of VIF Delegation to Taiwan
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A delegation from VIF visited Taiwan from 23 to 27 November 2016. The visit was undertaken with the aim of giving a new impetus to India-Taiwan Relations.

The visit commenced with VIF and Prospect Foundation, Taiwan undertaking anIndia-Taiwan Strategic Dialogue. The Dialogue comprised of three sessions in which speakers from VIF and Taiwan presented their views on contemporary topics of interest to both sides. The first session looked at the PLA’s Military Reforms and its implications on Taiwan and India. The second session attempted to throw some light on India-China and Cross Strait Relations. The final session was focused towards developing an understanding of Taiwan’s New Southbound policy. The dialogue was extremely fruitful and threw up some practical and workable solutions.

On subsequent days the VIF delegation carried out extensive deliberations with senior Taiwanese officials. While interacting with Mr John Deng, Minister without Portfolio, Trade of Negotiation, Executive Yuan and Mr Chih-Chung Wu, Deputy Foreign Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs the delegation developed an understanding of the areas in which India and Taiwan could develop their relationship further to include specific actions required in the fields of trade and investment, education, agriculture, science and technology and culture.

Interactions with Mr Joseph Wu, Secretary General, National Security Council and Admiral His-Min Lee, Vice Minister, Ministry of National Defense gave the delegation a nuanced understanding of the security situation prevalent in East Asia and the likely effects of a Trump administration on the Asia Pacific geostrategic landscape. These deliberations also touched upon the areas in which defence and security cooperation could be undertaken.

At the end of this fruitful visit VIF requested the Taiwanese side to submit a road map for the implementation of its New Southbound policy as applicable to India, which they kindly agreed to.The most encouraging aspect of the visit was the emergence of a large number of areas of convergence in which both India and Taiwan could effectively cooperate together so as to give a fresh impetus to the India-Taiwan relation.

Event Date 
November 23, 2016
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