Interaction with Prof Naela Quadri, Baluch Leader
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The VIF on 18 April 2016 invited noted women rights activist and exiled Baloch leader Prof Naela Quadri for a talk on the current situation in Pakistan’s restive province, Balochistan. Following the talk, an interaction was held with the speaker. With General NC Vij, former Chief of the Indian Army and the VIF’s present Director, in the Chair, a powerful battery of strategic experts, including Gen VN Sharma, former Chief of the Indian Army, Lt Gen SK Sinha, former Governor J&K and Assam, Amb Kanwal Sibal, former Foreign Secretary, Mr. PC Haldar, former Director IB, Mr. AK Verma, former Chief R&AW, among others, participated in what may easily be described as perhaps the best eye-opening session ever held on Baluchistan within the VIF.

Through her talk, which lasted a little over half an hour, Ms. Quadri made a compelling case for the liberation of Balochistan from the tyrannical clutches of Pakistan. Without resorting to hyperbole, Ms. Quadri presented her case or the case for an independent Balochistan in a logical way, describing horrid tales of organized brutality, including targeted assassinations, rapes and torture, unleashed by the brutal Pakistan Army on hapless population in Baluchistan.

Questioning Pakistan’s contrived usurpation of Balochistan, she described the current situation there as Genocide, which meets all of eight indicators of Genocide prescribed by the United Nations. However, her case for an independent Balochistan was not just because of human rights violations but because she felt South Asia’s security, especially India’s, would be strengthened by the separation of Baluchistan from Pakistan. She said Pakistan, thriving on Balochistan’s natural resources, has morphed itself into a rogue state with tremendous nuisance value for countries around. Worse, Pakistan is almost ready to gift Balochistan away to China on a platter. With Chinese troops swarming Balochistan and getting easy access to Gwadar port, it is increasingly detrimental to India’s security interests, forewarned the Baloch leader.

Giving an insight into Pakistan’s psyche, she said Pakistan’s hatred against India is deep-rooted and is taught as the first lesson to kids in schools. She further said Pakistan is an artificial state which has already outlived its shelf life, its further continuance being a big risk to global peace and security. She however expressed her deep dismay over India’s lackadaisical approach towards a problem of growing magnitude in Balochistan, an approach that may cost India dearly in the long run. She said her visit to India was part of a larger diplomatic offensive recently undertaken by her, touring countries around to drum up support for an independent Balochistan. While urging India to extend diplomatic and moral support to Balochs fighting for a just cause, she told an applauding audience that Balochs are fiercely independent people and they will fight to the last person to protect their land, culture and identity. The issue of India extending a helping hand to the beleaguered Balochs was discussed threadbare during the interactive session which lasted for almost an hour.

Event Date 
April 18, 2016
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