Interaction with Dr. Klaus Lange, Institute of Transnational Studies, Germany
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Dr Klaus Lange, Director of the Institute of Transnational Studies, Munich with branches in Italy and Gurgaon, India and Dr Klara Knapp, Deputy Director of ITS interacted with the VIF faculty on 04 April, 2014. Dr Lange shared his perspective on Ukrainian crisis which was different from the official European view being articulated. The Indian perspective on the Ukrainian crisis was presented by VIF Joint Director Amb PP Shukla, who had served earlier as India’s Ambassador to Russia. He postulated that the Americans and western countries were attempting to deprive Russia its access to the Black Sea thus restricting its strategic options.

Talking about the regional security situation, Lt Gen. Ravi Sawhney outlined the challenges of the post 2014 situation in Afghanistan. Developing the Afghan National Security Forces and continued engagement by the international community through economic and military aid would be imperative if gains made in Afghanistan are not to be lost, he said.

Event Date 
April 4, 2014
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