Vimarsha: Security Implications of Contemporary Political Environment in India with Dr. Sudhir S. Bloeria
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Implication of the contemporary political environment in India on matters of national security is critically important, considering all the three factors of internal stability, rule of law and the larger geo-politics of the Indian Sub-continent. For a better understanding and assessment of the ground realities, Dr. Sudhir S. Bloeria, Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Jammu & Kashmir and Former Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir, delivered a talk on 22 February 2013 in VIF’s monthly series of talks, Vimarsha. Shri Ajit Doval, KC, VIF Director, began the session with the introduction of the guest speaker and a brief note on the topic, precisely capturing the agenda.

Dr. Bloeria, beginning with the assessment of the contemporary political environment in India, highlighted a remarkable increase of opportunism, political game of power and upmanship which has been the major cause of pull back in India’s success story. While the Legislative and the Executive bodies have functioned poorly, Dr. Bloeria argued that the Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of India, too has failed to live upto the expectations. With a lack of balance between these three pillars of our democratic system and their poor levels of functioning, the security situation has only worsened.

Underlining the dangers of Left-Wing extremism and insurgencies, Dr. Bloeria pointed out that it is the lack of political will and vision today which allows such dangerous elements to live and grow in our nation. Assessing general law and order situation on ground, Dr. Bloeria expressed his concern on increase in the number of assaults on public servants and damage of public properties. On matters of external threat, Dr. Bloeria asserted that there is no political consensus today which impairs Indian Security and projects us as a soft-state, which is furthermore utilized by separatists to weaken India.

Concluding his talk, Dr. Bloeria stressed upon the urgent need to keep matters of national security above party politics. It was agreed that an orderly functioning Parliament, fine-tuned with an effective Executive and Judiciary is a necessity today. The session ended with a series of interesting comments made and questions raised by an enthusiastic audience.

Event Date 
February 22, 2013
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