Interaction with HE John Tucknott - UK’s Ambassador to Nepal
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The Ambassador of United Kingdom to Nepal HE John Anthony Tucknott visited Vivekananda International Foundation on June 28, 2011 for an informal interaction on Nepal’s internal dynamics. The Ambassador interacted with a select panel of strategic and foreign policy experts which included, among others, Mr. Ajit Doval Director VIF, Ambassador Mr. Rajiv Sikri, Ambassador TCA Rangachari, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) RK Sawhney, Mr. CD Sahay, Brig (Retd.) Vinod Anand, Brig (Retd.) Arun Sahgal, and Dr. Sangeeta Thapliyal. HE John Tucknott’s presentation touched upon several key issues, presently affecting the political processes in the tiny Himalayan state. Among the issues which figured prominently in the presentation of HE John Tucknott included Nepal’s uncertain transition to democracy, the ongoing constitutional deadlock, intra-party rivalry among various political parties in Nepal, integration of former Maoist rebels into Nepal’s Army and India’s key role in Nepal’s present political processes. An intense discussion followed the presentation during which Indian panelists raised questions about growing Chinese activities in Nepal. The British Ambassador not only gave his frank and candid assessment on several complicated issues but also sought to allay India’s concerns about China’s pro-active strategies towards Nepal. The interaction was chaired by Director of the foundation Mr. Ajit Doval.

Event Date 
June 28, 2011
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