Centres of Study
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The Centre for National Security and Strategic Studies is VIF’s hub for deliberating on India’s national security challenges, international terrorism, left-wing extremism, militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, insurgency in the North-eastern regions of India and the threats posed by the demographic invasion from Bangladesh.

The Centre for International Relations and Diplomacy is dedicated to the study of global strategic issues, emerging trends in international power equations, India’s foreign policy vis-à-vis its national objectives and its relations with neighbours and the Indian Diaspora.

The Centre for Neighbourhood Studies monitors developments in India’s periphery, focusing on seven neighbouring countries, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The Centre for Governance and Political Studies examines various issues of governance and development with particular reference to India. It will generate and promote ideas that encourage transparency and accountability in government and all public institutions. It encourages scholarship in constitutional and parliamentary studies and also considers policy initiatives to tackle the menace of corruption..

The Centre for Economic Studies monitors global economic trends and policies and its impact on developing economies with particular reference to India. It closely examines the constant interplay between politics and economics, the emerging trends on both sides of the global economic divide and offer suggestions for Indian policy makers.

The Centre for Historical and Civilisational Studies examines the criticality of civilisational aspects in nation-building and in fostering oneness in a plural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual nation like India. It has undertaken studies on the economic situation that prevailed during different epochs in the Indian sub-continent to understand the factors that had placed India at the head of the table both intellectually and economically at one time and the events and circumstances that robbed it of its civilisational advantages and relegated it to an unenviable position in the comity of nations.

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