Ukraine Crisis
Monthly Compilation of Views of VIF Expert Groups: March 2022

In the month of March 2022 Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organized six expert group interactions with most of them being hybrid, the interaction of the strategic discussions group on the Ukraine crisis are for the first time being included in the report.All the interactions covered the most current of topics in the world and the region i.e Ukraine and Pakistan’s political scene, with their ramifications to the various countries, their groupings, regions and to India specifically.

Monthly Compilation of Views of VIF Expert Groups: February 2022

The month of February 2022 at Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) was filled with meetings and dialogues. In the month VIF organized four expert group interactions, and three dialogues with Russia (Russian International Affairs Council), Japan (Japan Institute for National Fundamentals) and ‘Quad Plus’ through webinars in the month. All these interactions and dialogues covered a wide spectrum of topics as well as geography across the world. The selection of topics are contemporary and of interest to academia, policy makers, decision makers and the general public.

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