National Security and Strategic Studies
Jammu and Kashmir: A Compendium

Over the last seventy years, Jammu & Kashmir has seen political machinations, violence, cross-border terrorism, instability and economic stagnation. On August 5, 2019, the Indian Government decided to amend Article 370 of the Indian...

Changing Character of Hybrid Warfare: The Threat to India

India’s security dilemmas are complex, with two hostile powers on its frontiers and a large number of internal fault lines which are vulnerable and have been exploited by the adversaries in the past. The Indian Army Doctrine of 2018 defines ‘the...

Management of India's Military Prowess: Issues and Aspects

Conceptualising the foundations of national defence and organising a conformingly robust military structure is a humungous task of extremely complexities. Even nations who possess pristine strategic vision and deep rooted military culture find it...

A Decade of Discourse on Defence Matters

This book is a compilation of 30 pioneering papers on issues connected with India's national defence. These papers are a part of the vast repository of VIF publications over the past decade of its functioning as a strategic think tank with the...

India's Strategies for Information War & Cyber Deterrence

The concept of Information Warfare (IW) is as old as warfare itself but has gained in significance in recent times where we look at non-contact battles between two adversaries. This concept involves the use of information and communication...

Selected Essays from the Vivekananda International Foundation

Over the past decade, the VIF has charted an academically independent path of research and analyses. The Foundation has thus been disseminating a vast stream of analyses of key developments and decision dilemmas concerning the nation to its wide...

Securing India : VIF Perspective | Issues & Trends | 2017

Book Published

Geopolitics is witnessing a flux not seen in decades, treading an uncertain path in the hope to arrive at a new equilibrium.

Twelve Essays on Terrorism: A VIF Analysis Edited by Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee

Book Published

Hardcover: 260 pages
Publisher: Pentagon Press; First Edition edition (2017)
ISBN-10: 8182749425
ISBN-13: 978-8182749429


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