Chinese economy
‘China’s Future’, by David Shambaugh, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016, Pages: 203, Price: $ 19.95, ISBN: 978-15095-0714-6

The path which China will pursue in the coming future is one of the most debated and discussed topic among the current academic and policy making circle. The direction which Chinese politics, society and economy adopt almost directly impacts a large...

Avoiding the Fall; Michael Pettis; Carnegie Endowment 2013; PP 157; Price Rs 1238 & The Great Rebalancing; Michael Pettis; Princeton University Press 2013; PP 219; Price Rs 1859

Book Review Imbalances in Global Economy: Averting another Crisis

It makes sense to review the two books together and not just because they are written by the same author, and within a short period of each other [both were written in 2013]. The more compelling reason for doing so is that they deal with the same...

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