Bharat Rising: Dharma, Democracy, Diplomacy; Author: Utpal Kumar; BleuOneInk; Rs. 599/-

When a colonised nation gets rid of its masters, one of its first acts is to reclaim its civilisational and cultural narrative, a legacy that had been pummelled and distorted beyond recognition and replaced by the coloniser’s worldview. For, what...

Modi and the World: The Ring View Inside Out; Ed. by Yamini Chowdhury and Anusua Diya Chowdhury; Bloomsbury Publishers; New Delhi; Pages 317; Price Rs. 499

Book Review

Two years two months, 51 foreign trips on six of the seven continents of the world which covered 42 countries and included UN General Assembly meetings and scores of multilateral engagements; the debutant Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stirred the...

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