Protohistoric Foundations
Discussion on Vivekananda International Foundation ‘History of Ancient India’ Series

In 2013, the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) published the first five volumes of its multi-volume History of Ancient India Series. Three of the remaining six volumes are to come out shortly and the last three are scheduled to be out....

An Introduction to the Series ‘History of Ancient India’

The project began in April 2011. The first five volumes were released in December 2013. The titles of these published volumes are the following : (1) Prehistoric Roots, (2) Protohistoric Foundations, (3) The Texts, Political History and Admin....

History of Ancient India (Vol. I - V) released on 23 December 2013

Volume I: Prehistoric Roots
Volume II: Protohistoric Foundations
Volume III: The Texts, Political History and Administration, till c. 200 BC
Volume IV: Political History and Administration (c.200 BC-AD 750)
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