Green Recovery
The Strategic Significance of Turkic Council for Eurasia

Recently Turkic Council held its Eighth Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. Some significant developments have taken place during this Summit. The name of the Turkic Council was changed to the Organization of Turkic States. Secondly, T....

EU-Central Asia Relations: An Emerging Partnership

On November 5, European Union (EU) leaders met with prime minister-level Central Asian representatives in Bishkek for the inaugural EU-Central Asia Economic Forum. The delegation from the EU was led by Executive Vice-President and Trade Commissioner ....

COVID-19 Pandemic and Lessons for Climate Change Responses

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is simultaneously a public health crisis and an economic crisis. On the public health front, it has resulted in 21,527,747 total confirmed cases and 772,370 deaths in 188 countries as of 16 August ....

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, April 30, 2020

Is a Chinese BSL-4 Lab accidentally responsible for the pandemic?
There are two virus research-related facilities in Wuhan- Wuhan Institute of Virology and the other is the Wuhan Centre for Disease Prevention and Co....

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