Neighborhood News Digest – 25 January 2023

Taliban Discuss Restoration of Historical Sites with UNESCO – The Khaama Press
Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information of Afghanistan met with Brendan Cassar, UNESCO Culture Program Office....

Gender Mainstreaming in BIMSTEC

The decade 1975-85 was declared as the decade for women which laid the foundation for gender mainstreaming. In this episode of the podcast, Prof Amena Mohsin and Ass Prof Atique Rahman with Cchavi Vasisht, discuss the issue and solutions for gender ....

What does the Economic Survey tell us about National Security?

What does India’s Economic Survey 2017-18 tell us about national security? This may sound an unusual question because in traditional understanding of national security and economy are two separate entities which are not discussed together. The two ....

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