Indigenization of Defence Production: India’s Journey from Vision to Outcomes

The Changing Landscape of Defence Production in India
In 2013 India was the top importer of arms. This dubious distinction stayed for the next five years- accounting for 12% of total global imports by all the countries
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 1-15 August 2022


VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 July 2022


Synthesizing Indigenisation: Civil- Defence Aviation Partnership towards Self Reliance

  1. On 16 May 2020, the Ministry of Finance announced the fourth tranche of Centre's ₹20 lakh crore fiscal stimulus1 for India. Unlike previous declarations which had addressed the needs of agriculture sector, urban poor, MSME, etc t....

Vimarsha: DRDO’s Achievements in Defence Indigenization

On, Dr G. Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence and Chairman DRDO was invited for a talk on ‘Achievements in Defence Indigenization’ under the aegis of the Vivekananda International Foundation’s Vimarsha lecture series. Dr Reddy ....

Consolidate Domain Knowledge of Personnel to Execute Defence Procurement Policy 2016

In keeping up with its recognition that ‘self-reliance in defence is of vital importance for both strategic and economic reasons’, the government has released the much anticipated Defence Procurement Policy (DPP) in March 2016. The DPP gives top ....

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