Neighborhood News Digest – 10 February 2023

Putin Says Afghan Humanitarian Condition Has 'Deteriorated' – Tolo News
Russian President Vladmir Putin pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan had deteriorated, with "four million" Afghans needin....

West Asia Roundup -August 2021

Fast moving events in Afghanistan captured the regional and global attention as US forces withdrew in an unprecedented manner shortening their own timelines ceding space to Taliban as the Afghan national forces crumbled. Ta....

West Asia Roundup– February 2020

After a weeklong trial halt in violence by Taliban against US or Afghan targets the Peace Agreement was signed between US and Taliban in Doha that seeks to end the 19 years old war and presence of US for....

Year Review: Pakistan in 2019

The year 2019 brought optimism as well as trials for Pakistan in equal measure. In 2019, Pakistan under Prime Minister Imran Khan was occupied in confronting numerable challenges at the domestic as well as international levels. At the domestic front,....

Saudis’ Yemeni Quagmire

Introduction In the month of March 2015, a Saudi led coalition consisting of ten nations, decided to carry out an aerial bombing campaign against Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East in support of its deposed President Ha....

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