Great Game in Reverse: Decoding Central Asia’s Geopolitical Rebalancing

Central Asia’s geostrategic location is critical, making this region a focal point of geopolitical struggle for centuries. In 1904, British geographer Halford Mackinder presented his ‘Heartland Theory,’ in which the Eurasia region is referred t....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (15-21 May)

War rooms and bailouts: How US is preparing for a default
Convening war rooms, planning speedy bailouts and raising house-on-fire alarm bells: Those are a few of the ways the biggest banks and financial regulators are....

Ukraine Standoff also Presents an Opportunity

Despite a flurry of diplomatic activity over the last few weeks, the situation around Ukraine is tense. Both Russia and NATO are enhancing their respective military build-up. Putin-Macron discussions held in Moscow on 7 February 2022 failed to res....

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