Emerging Structure of Maritime Security in the Bay of Bengal
Commodore Somen Banerjee

.... Traditionally, security at sea has been theorised and interpreted rooted in traditional realist or liberalist theories. In the realist interpretation, the seas are the plains on which superpower, or regional power rivalry, takes place, whereas realist debates have been focused on increasing investments in navies by emerging powers and territorial disputes to consolidate claims on offshore resources. On the other hand, liberal interpretations of security at sea delve into new challenges to human and economic security at sea which have added new dimension to the theory and practice of maritime security and these dimentions would have to be factored to evolve a constitutive regional security structure...

[i] Bueger and Edmunds, ‘Beyond Seablindedness: A new agenda for Maritime Security Studies,’ International Affairs 93:6, 2017. https://orca.cf.ac.uk/102572/1/iix174.pdf

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