Is India Likely to be the Next Major Target of ISIS? - An Analysis of Post-Manhattan Terror Attack
C D Sahay

From the reports of the intelligence and security establishment, it is clear that activities of IS sympathisers in India are under control. Indeed, there have been no recent reports of radicalised youth trying to migrate to centers of IS activities or to return from terrorist heavens. So far, the number of Indian believers of the IS is estimated at just about 100 or so, nearly half of them being Indians settled overseas. However, a couple of recent IS related reports attract attention as both concern the State of Jammu and Kashmir. These reports refer to an audio clip transmitted by an IS recruiter from Kasargod, asking Indian Muslims to launch attacks by driving a truck through devotees, poison their food etc. at the Thrissur Poornam or Maha Kumbh Mela congregations.. That brings in consideration as to the vulnerability of India to IS machinations. The issue is sensitive, and therefore needs to be analysed.

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