India's Strategies for Information War & Cyber Deterrence
Brig (Dr) Ashok Pathak (Retd.)

The concept of Information Warfare (IW) is as old as warfare itself but has gained in significance in recent times where we look at non-contact battles between two adversaries. This concept involves the use of information and communication technologies; and taking it a little further, it transforms into the use of computers and cyberspace in warfare. This book delves into this complex topic and brings out issues and facets especially pertaining to India. It emphasises that issues of National Security and Nation Building in this information age are intertwined. The leadership of today needs to give credence to this aspect and work towards strengthening strategies, which will eventually lead to a strong nation. While doing so, we must take measures to protect and nurture the core of our civilisation, which is several thousand years old. Our capability to fight without fear and ambiguity for safeguarding our nation and way of life must remain intact.

Available at Vitasta Publishing

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