A graduate of the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Colonel RK Srivastava was an instructor for Information Warfare at Army War College. As part of Indian Military Training Team at Lesotho he trained some foreign armies on intelligence. He was Secretary Indo -Myanmar border Management Team. As Director, Military Intelligence dealt with sensitive cases at national level. He was awarded the Sena Medal for gallantry He has written monographs, books and articles on Pakistan, China, Intelligence, terrorism and security. Colonel Rajiv Kumar Srivastava works as a security consultant with TV and digital channel.

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China in the Cyber Domain, Major General PK Mallick, VSM, Prints Publications Pvt Ltd. 2022. ISBN:978-93-936740-4-3 Millions of smartphones or computers and their hardware all over the world with made-in-China tags provide a sense that the Dragon country is perhaps one of the most advanced IT-enabled countries. PLA soldiers are safe behind their high-tech Digital ...

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