Mr. Surinder Kumar Sharma was attached to (2020-2021) Vivekananda International Foundation as a Consultant. Prior to this, he was Consultant in the Internal Security Centre of Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defence Studies & Analyses, New Delhi. He specializes on terrorism and security related issues on South Asia region. He has a ring side view of the phenomenon of militancy in Pakistan and Kashmir in all its ramifications. Prior to his joining MP – IDSA, he held various important positions in the Cabinet Secretariat and National Technical Research Organisation. Decorated with ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ by the National Security Adviser in 2008, his abiding interest has been the rise of global terrorism specially surrounding India with special focus on Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir. During his posting in IDSA, he co-authored two Books –one titled ‘Militant Groups in South Asia’ and the second titled ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir – Politics, Parties and Personalities. Both these books received wide acclaim. He has also written several articles on terrorism related issues and political developments in PoK and Jammu & Kashmir which were published in the IDSA Website, national and international media including The Times of India, The Tribune, The Economic Times, The Free Press Journal, The Business Standard, The Asian Times, the US based Global ECCO and the Jewishinfo News (Canada). He is also Member of the United Services Institution of India, New Delhi . Currently, he is working on a book titled ‘Militancy Landscape, Radical Islamist Groups and their Future’.

A Compendium of Terrorist Groups The last three decades has seen the South and West Asian regions turning into a hot bed of terror activities. Spreading from these regions, and alongside by many other isolated areas across the globe, terrorism today has become the biggest threat to ...

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