Neighbourhood Studies
Maverick Pakistan : Army Leading It to Oblivion

The Pakistan Army continues to baffle. Known to be the power behind Pakistan’s foreign and security related policies its hold is also for the purpose of perpetuating its control over Pakistan’s polity and in fact almost every facet of existence o

Low Cunning in Cloak of High Diplomacy

Even before Nawaz Sharif addressed the UN General Assembly, the Pakistanis had let it be known that he would be bad-mouthing India on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. There was, therefore, no real surprise in India when Nawaz Sharif raked up the Kashm

Pakistan Responsible for Breakdown of NSA Level Talks

It is mystifying why commentators on the Indian side, including some who have officially dealt with Pakistan, should have been so critical of their own government for the failure of the Ufa initiative. They seemingly hold our side more responsible fo

Another Indo-Pak Reset: The Good, The Bad and The Question Marks

The curious thing about the Joint Statement issued after the meeting between the Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers in Ufa is that it is being interpreted by both sides in a way that suits them. The problem is that these divergent interpretations r

BBC’s Fantasy on India-MQM Nexus

For over a year and a half now, the signals emerging from London are extremely negative. On the surface, the British appear to be very keen to engage India, in particular the Modi government, and leave no opportunity to pay lip-service to the ostensi

Chinese Chequers in Pakistan: Hyperbole, Hazards and some Heft for The Economy

Forty-six billion dollars. A figure like this not only makes for a great headline but also creates a hype which deflects from the fine print and details that lie behind this number. Not surprisingly, the focus of attention – in Pakistan, in India a

Xi Visit Unites Disparate, Feuding Freedom Activists

It was all gung-ho in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi as President Xi Jinping arrived in Pakistan – the first-ever visit of a Chinese President in almost a decade--to sign projects worth almost $50 billion to get the much-trumpeted China-Pakistan Eco

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Prospects and Issues

While connectivity as a principle cannot be faulted with it is the geopolitical implications of such projects, for instance the China-Pakistan economic corridor that has raised concerns amongst India’s strategic and security establishment. Firstly

Will India’s Latest Gamble on Pakistan Yield Results?

Going by past experience, India’s latest initiative to engage Pakistan will not deliver the results it expects. The Government cancelled the Foreign Secretary level talks in August last year because the Pakistani High Commissioner in Delhi chose to

Pakistan Loses Its Centrality in India-US Tango

Apart from all the other seminal outcomes of the visit of the US President Barack Obama to New Delhi, the complete absence of any reference to Pakistan is quite remarkable. Although Pakistan was never really mentioned by name in any of the previous d

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