Neighbourhood Studies
India Needs to Seize the Initiative in Myanmar

Forthcoming visit of Prime Minister to Myanmar after a gap of 25 years is an historic opportunity to seize the initiative in a country which has been described by many strategic thinkers as the lynchpin of our ‘Look East Policy’. M

Indo-Myanmar Security Cooperation: An Analysis

The cooperation that India has received from its neighbours in its quest to combat terrorism and insurgency has waxed and waned like irregular lunar cycles. While Pakistan has been the least cooperative: an influential section of the country’s offi

Myanmar-North Korea: Military Alignment

If a survey of the history of relationship between Myanmar and North Korea is ever undertaken, then it would be appear that the association between the two in the past has been anything but rosy. There was no diplomatic relations during the years tha

Kachin-Myanmar Conflict: Implications for India

The virtual end of the 17 year old ceasefire between Kachin and Myanmar will turn out to be a dilemma for India, particularly in New Delhi’s quest to control the insurgency in the North East. The normalising of ties between India and Myanmar in rec

Post-election Myanmar and Indian Strategy

As India strives to find its place in the international system and in the region as an important player, the result of the recently concluded 7 November 2010 elections in Myanmar has apparently thrown up some challenges for Indian strategy. There wer

Myanmar Elections: Legitimacy and Beyond

Feeble public interest in the elections in Myanmar scheduled for 7 November 2010 has not influenced neighbours of the country from watching keenly the unfolding scenario. The military regime seems to have decided on the exercise in order to gain some


Amidst the doom and gloom generated by an Indian foreign policy, which has for the last several years been marked by lack of vision and by pusillanimity in dealings with USA, Pakistan and China, there are two areas in which there are grounds for chee

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