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Little for India on Chinese Platter

Chinese PM Wen Jiabao’s visit has hardly done much to allay India’s fears about its hostile, powerful neighbour Of all the visits made by P-5 leaders to India in 2010, that of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao proved the least productive. At one leve

2010: India's undeclared year of Africa

An objective evaluation of changing contours of our engagement with Africa, especially in light of significant developments in 2010, might interest Africa watchers and others. Conceptual richness and consistency appear to characterise recent inter

A Perspective on Premier Wen’s Visit: No Material Change in Sino-Indian Equation

Behind the usual bonhomie exhibited after the issue of joint communiqué by India and China post Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao's visit basic issue that needs to be addressed is what are the major take aways? Were the concerns of the two countries add

Wikileaks cables show India's faulty diplomacy

The failure of our diplomatic offensive against Pakistan after the 26/11 attacks rests in part on our faulty tactics. The Wikileaks disclosures are a part of the classified US diplomatic traffic comprising, as is the norm, not only of reporta

Sino-Indian Equation: Time for a Reset

India’s China policy has been marked by friendship, sentimentalism, fear, diffidence, appeasement, brinksmanship, wishful thinking and engagement. Of late, despite positive political overtures, there are undercurrents of growing negativism in the r

Engaging China: Underscoring India’s Core Interests

Why is Premier Wen Jiabao’s Visit Now? A return visit by Chinese Premier was due for over two years since Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visited China in January 2008. China’s assertive policies could be said to have bec

A Cracker of a Visit, But will The Sparkle Last?

President Obama’s much heralded visit to India produced mixed results. The inordinate coverage given to the visit has exaggerated the positives and obscured some deficient outcomes. On the credit side, we can list a “forward looking” US posi

Has Obama's Visit Addressed India's Core Concerns?

Satish Chandra, the former deputy national security adviser, wonders whether India's core interests were addressed during President Obama's meetings with Prime Minister Singh. That the three-day Obama visit to India was an indisputable su

Strategic Ties Low on Prez’s Agenda

As President Obama’s visit comes closer, hopes that it will produce the results it should are receding. Background briefings from both sides suggest no big announcements will be made. The focus of the visit has shifted from strategy to the economy

Obama’s visit, India’s hopes

US President Barack Obama’s visit to India in early November has not generated much excitement so far despite its great importance and the enthusiasm that his inspirational election victory had produced almost two years ago. His complex personality

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