Governance and Political Studies
Water Security in India

Niti aayog in 2018 came out with a significant report titled 'Composite Water Management Index Report' which very clearly stated that India was facing the worst water crisis in its history impacting millions of lives and livelihood. The report emphas

President Biden’s Visit to India, G-20 Summit, and Changing Contours of World Politics

Delhi Declaration adopted by G-20 countries has been welcomed by all sides. No less important were a number of bilateral engagements that took place between India and some of the participating countries. They reflect the changing contours of world po

India’s Diplomatic Coup at G-20 Summit

India assumed the Presidency of the G-20 from Indonesia in Bali in 2022 from 1 December and retains the Presidency for the year 2023 till 30 November. India hosted the G-20 summit from 9 to 10 in the capital city of New Delhi

India’s G20 Presidency: What it Means for Global Governance

The grand finale of the year-long presidency of the G20 took place on 9-10 September 2023 at New Delhi. The leaders of the G20 met and adopted the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration. The significance of the adoption of the Declaration has been

New Delhi Summit Declaration: G20 coming of age

The pervasive mood in much of the developing world is not to let geopolitical confrontation stymie progress on the issues of major consequence for them. The issue of the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, on day one of the two-day Summit, is no

From G20 to G21: India's Dynamic Global South Leadership

Today, India’s position has transitioned from a participant to a notable leader, adopting the position of a distinct and significant voice for the Global South, within the domains of the international community. Such evolution has been highlighted

S Gurumurthy Enlightens About Bharat's Significance And India's History

Sources revealed that the Centre might introduce a bill in the special parliamentary session from September 18-22 seeking to amend Article 1. Reports on the potential renaming of India's official name as Bharat has sparked a massive controversy be

Sohrai Painting: Ancient Tribal Art of Jharkhand gaining Popularity

The Sohrai Paintings, an indigenous mural art found near the Hazaribagh region of Jharkhand, have attracted attention nationally and internationally in recent years. These paintings have beautiful motifs depicting geometric shapes, animals, flowers,

Fighting Malnutrition by Revolutionising Ragi Cultivation in Jharkhand

Millets were one of the first crops to be cultivated in India. Research indicates that millets were eaten during the Indus-Sarasvati culture (3,300 to 1300 BCE). Half of the people in Asia and Africa even now rely on millets as their main source of c

India's Commitment towards Decarbonising the Planet: National Green Hydrogen Mission

India's economy is expanding rapidly, resulting in a tremendous demand for resources and energy. Palpably, India's energy consumption has doubled in the last two decades and is expected to rise by another 25% by 2030. India currently imports 40% of i

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