Economic Studies
Why the Indian Economy is in a Mess?

Up to the election of 2004, it was ‘India Shining’ all the way. Glasnost and Perestroika had removed the Soviet Union as a serious player on the world stage and the new Russia had not yet taken root. Rajiv Gandhi had come to power riding a wave

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth

Paul Theroux in his book, ‘Riding The Iron Rooster’ has made some fascinating comments on China which can help us in trying to understand why China is today an economic power-house and India is still struggling. This book was written in 1988 an

Managing Land - A Holistic View

List 2 of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution, which gives the exclusive jurisdiction of the States, in Entry 18 reads, “ Land, that is to say, rights in or over land, land tenures including the relation of landlord and tenant and the collec

Analysing India’s budget for 2012-13

India’s budget deficit is hardcoded into its left-liberal intellectual discourse. Most intelligent Indians comfortably straddle the views that government is corrupt, venal and inefficient and that more government spending is the answer to all devel

A Perspective on Subsidies in Our Economy

One of the favourite whipping boys of economists with a free market bias, neo-liberals, businessmen and ultra conservative right wing politicians is the question of subsidies. The whole economic scenario in India is said to be vitiated by subsidies

Nehruvian Rate of Growth

India unveiled its new pan-India Consumer Price Index (CPI) in February 2012. With the release of the index figures for January, it is possible to compute annual inflation rates based on the new all-India CPI. The headline inflation rate based on thi

India’s Stalled Reforms

Conventional wisdom would dictate that the weakening of hard-line communist parties in recent state elections should have been a boon for the country’s reform agenda. But these polls have also reaffirmed the importance of regional parties, which re

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