Neighbourhood Studies
Myanmar Round Up: August 2020

August 2020 marked significant developments in Myanmar’s political process. The fourth “21st-Century Panglong Conference” was concluded, which was stalled since 2018. The government officials and military leaders along with ten Ethnic Armed Org

Where is India Nepal Political Connectivity?

One wonders what happened to the close political connectivity between India and Nepal. There was a time when political leaders could pick up phone and call their counterparts without any formality. The relations that were forged with shared ideologic

Pakistan Puts its Foot into its Mouth

Making a nuisance of yourself is a special art which only a few can master. This often happens when you are blinded by some misplaced priorities and others can see through your game. This is what happened when Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood

India’s Goods & Services Tax and the Neighbourhood

In July 2017, when the Narendra Modi government introduced goods and services tax (GST), there was strong apprehension among some smaller neighbours that it would act as a barrier to shore up their exports to India. The apprehensions were baseless as

India and Bangladesh: The Rock Solid Neighbours

The latest iteration by Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen that ‘Bangladesh's relations with India is rock-solid and historic while Bangladesh has economic ties with China. We must not compare,’ and ‘Our victory means India's victory

Myanmar Round Up: July 2020

The country reported 353 confirmed COVID-19 cases and six deaths as on 31 July 2020. During the policy briefing on Southeast Asia, the United Nations (UN) positioned Myanmar in the vulnerable category due to a weak health care system and continuing h

Pursuit of ‘Peace’ brings some of the last Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan to India

On 26th July, 11 members of the Hindu and Sikh communities of Afghanistan reached New Delhi after being granted priority visas by the Indian Embassy in Kabul.1 In the light of decades of persecution and the relentless attacks in the recent

Press Freedom under Siege in Pakistan

On July 22, 2020, Pakistani senior journalist Matiullah Jan, known for his critical views of the country’s judiciary and military, was abducted and later released by unidentified persons in Islamabad. The incident has once again focused a spotlight

Pakistan and 05 August- A Year Later

The developments of 05 August 2019 have left a deep scar on the psyche of Pakistan. This was the day when the special provisions granted to J&K in the Indian constitution- Article 370 and Article 35(A) – were revoked. The state was bifurcated into

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