Neighbourhood Studies
अफ़ग़ानिस्तान की नई सरकार, पाकिस्तान और भारत

7 सितम्बर को अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में नई सरकार की घोषणा हो गयी। तैतीस सदस्यीय मंत्रिमंडल में तीस मंत्री

The Idea of Bharatavarsha

AS one who with his Indian passport finds it impossible to travel to Pakistan, I frequently treat myself to Pakistani travel videos available in ‘you tube’. I now know, for example, that Karim’s teashop in the old quarter of Gwadar at the we

Implications of Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

The recent developments in Afghanistan do not augur well for global or regional stability. The region has become highly unstable with the return of the Taliban. The likelihood of terrorism and radicalisation emanating from Afghanistan engulfing the r

A Tale of Two Cities: Dacca March 12, 1972 and Kabul August 30, 2021

Two Events Separated by Five Decades and One and half Thousands Miles
Since the time the US decided to leave Afghanistan the media is full of its coverage and resultant reverberations across the world. Everyone agrees that it is too early

अफगानिस्तान; भारत की उससे संबंधित नीतियां और भारत पर उसके प्रभाव

दिनानुदिन इस बात के बढ़ते साक्ष्य के बावजूद कि मौजूदा तालिबान 2.0 तालिबान 1.0 में थोड़ा ही अलग है, क

How Pakistan Outwitted the US on Taliban Peace

On 15th August, the Taliban, an insurgent group of Jihadi extremists with medieval values, captured Kabul in a bloodless coup. The 3,50,0001 strong army of ANDSF, equipped with far superior weaponry and trained and developed by the US over

China’s Future Road to Afghanistan

The lightning speed with which the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, has enthralled the experts around the globe.1 There are lot of speculations that are taking place, on what went wrong and how even after twenty years of r

तालिबान की रंगाई-पुताई करने से बाज आएं

काबुल हवाई अड्डे एवं एक होटल करीब एक साथ दो विध्वंसक आतंकवादी हमलों में 160 से ज्यादा लोग मारे गए,

The Two Tales of Pakistan’s Geography

Pakistan’s location, for long, has been a source of attraction in America’s foreign policy. However, Pakistan has leveraged its geography to continuously venture into strategic adventures that have endangered global peace and security.

CPPCC Chairman Wang Yang’s Visit to Tibet Autonomous Region is Important

The 3-day (August 18-20, 2021) visit to Lhasa by Wang Yang, Politburo Standing Committee member and Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), at the head of a 22-member delegation is important. The visit follows th

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