Neighbourhood Studies
Deadlock in Afghanistan

In a dramatic turn of events, the US President announced in a tweet on September 7 that he has called-off the secret meeting with the Taliban leaders at Camp David, and ended the peace talks with the armed group.1 Further, keeping alive th

Inner-Party Differences on Hong Kong Issue Pose Problems for Xi Jinping

China’s leadership will have been incensed by the photographs and videos of protestors in Hong Kong carrying American flags and chanting “America please take over Hong Kong” on September 9, in apparent escalation of the protests against Chinese

Myanmar Round Up: August 2019

8888 Uprising Celebrations
The month of August holds reverence in the Myanmar political calendar due to the 8888 Pro-Democracy Uprising, named so since the uprising for democracy peaked on 8 Aug 1988 at Yangon University. This eventually

Recent Transgressions by China in the South China Sea

Activities of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)
China along with Vietnam is the largest claimants of islands in the South China Sea. China has built military bases to include berthing sites for war ships, air strips for fighter a

Sri Lanka-US military Ties in the Indo-Pacific

On August 18, Sri Lankan media reported that the United States had decided to suspend bilateral negotiations with Colombo on the controversial Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) until after the presidential election in the island nation1. W

The Hong Kong Imbroglio

The present public upsurge in Hong Kong, administratively known as the Hong Kong Special Administered Region (HKSAR) of Peoples Republic of China (PRC), is now nearly three-month old. The latest trigger for the present unrest has been the HKSAR admin

Repeal of Article 370: Pakistan’s reaction, UN Resolutions and Contemporary Realities

Repeal of Articles 370 and 35 A has brought sharp reaction from Pakistan. These were provisions of Indian Constitution, which had long outlived their historical relevance. Their repeal represents an internal change defining relat

Education and Technology: The New Frontier of Indo-Bhutan Relationship

India and Bhutan share a very close relationship not only in terms of geography but also in terms of history, traditions, culture and spirituality. The relationship between India-Bhutan runs very deep and there are regular high-level visits between b

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