Non-Traditional Threats: An Analytical Perspective from South Asia
Brig Vinod Anand, Senior Fellow, VIF

Non-Traditional Security (NTS), and threats to NTS, have gained much greater visibility. While NTS threats definitely qualify as a major component of security research, the scope of the term, and consequent analysis and prescriptions, are extremely wide-ranging and often nebulous. Since NTS is very closely aligned to the stages of development of a state, a society and a region, discussion of NTS and formulation of policy prescriptions may be an exercise in futility unless the term is properly defined and discussed with reference to an analytical framework. Further, in South Asia there is a degree of consensus that most of the non-traditional security threats are transnational and need to be dealt with through joint endeavours. However, some initial small steps have already been taken in the South Asian region to address such threats in a coordinated manner.

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Published Date : 1st December 2011

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