Events Reports
UIHC Lecture Series, ‘Dharma & Ecology’ by Dr. Pankaj Jain

The first in a new VIF lecture series ‘Understanding Indian History & Civilisation’ was a talk on ‘Dharma and Ecology’ by Dr. Pankaj Jain, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy & Religion, University of North Texas, USA. Dr. Arvind Gu

Bangladesh Tariqat Federation Party Delegation’s visit to the VIF

VIF hosted an interaction with a three-member delegation of Bangladesh Tariqat Federation Party (BTF) and members of the Awami league led 14 party alliance. The discussions centred around the trend of a particular section of Bangladesh’s polity at

Conference on ‘Assessing India’s Connectivity with its Neighbourhood’

The VIF, in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), organised a conference on ‘Assessing India’s Connectivity with its Neighborhood’ with the participation of industry, intelligentsia and policy makers. The aim of the Con

Talk by Mr Jeremy England on ‘Humanitarian Perspectives on Global Security Trends - International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) View and its Approach in India’

Mr Jeremy England, Head of regional delegation of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) based in New Delhi, delivered a talk about ICRCs perspective about its functioning in India as well as worldwide humanitarian operations. The regional

Kashmir - Engagement of Youth through Sports

A talk by Mr Waheed-Ur Rehman Para was organised at Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on July 30, 2018. Mr Waheed who is active in the political and social scene in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, provided a firsthand review of the state. Wh

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