Events Reports
The Plight of Manipur

A delegation of intellectuals and prominent citizens from Manipur, led by Col(retd) H Bhuban Singh (former state minister and member of state Public Service Commission), Col (retd) Lokendra Singh, Mr Premananda Sharma (journalist), Bhavananda Singh,

Commemorative Seminar: India's Evolving Nuclear Posture in a Dynamic Environment

Twelve years ago, on 11 May 1998, India had conducted the Shakti series of Nuclear tests.These had taken the world by surprise and firmly catapulted India into the league of major global powers.To commemorate this seminal event, the VIF organised a s

Developing National Consensus on Critical Issues a talk with Mr Manish Tewari & Dr. Chandan Mitra

A very interesting and thought provoking session on "How to develop National Consensus on Critical National Issues" was held on 10 May 2010 at the VIF.The two speakers were Mr Manish Tewari, the articulate Member of Parliament from the Indian Nationa

A Stimulating Interaction with Dr. Ashley Tellis

The VIF fraternity had an in-depth and stimulating interaction with Dr Ashley Tellis today. The discussions were marked by candour and frankness and generated useful insights into the current geopolitical scenario. The talk-cum-discussion lasted for

Sarasvati: A Symbol of the Sacredness of the Indian Civilisation

Michel Danino, the well known author of the "Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati" gave a fascinating presentation on the archeological and geological evidence regarding the existence of this once mighty river that was the life stream of the Ind

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