Strategic and Tactical Response to Left Extremism: Problems & Possibilities
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Strategic and Tactical rseponse to LWE

“We should not fall into the false perception that the Maoists today have deviated from the original ideology of Mao and have become hoodlums and extortionists, but should realise that they have moved closer to the original thought and strategy of capturing a nation’s power through violence” said Vishwaranjan, DGP of the most highly Naxal affected state of India – Chhattisgarh. He was speaking at a discussion ‘Strategic and Tactical Response to Left Extremism: Problems & Possibilities’, at VIF on May 29, 2010. He said that the strategy used in Andhra Pradesh to contain Naxalism may not be effective now in other states as the Maoists strategy has advanced from guerrilla warfare to mobile warfare. Praveen Swami,Lt.Gen JFR Jacob,R.K.Khandelwal were the other speakers.

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May 29, 2010
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