18-19 May 2022 | Short Capsule on “India’s Strategic and Security Perspectives”

(*for Diplomats/Defence Attaches posted in Foreign Missions in India)

Schedule: 18 May 2022 1000- 1500 hours | 19 May 2022 1000-1300 hours

Introduction to the Capsule:

In continuation to the initiative taken since last three years, VIF is pleased to inform you about the next series of lectures on India’s national security and strategic culture. The short capsule aims to acquaint the diplomats of foreign missions in India about India’s foreign and security policies as also the concepts and precepts that underpin India’s strategic outlook. Based on the feedback received the capsule’s duration has been reduced to two days i.e. it has been scheduled from 18th to 19th May 2022.

Objective of the Capsule:

The capsule is an endeavour of the VIF to introduce participants to India’s strategic culture that persists and moulds the policy making in our country. The two major events in the recent times that have had humongous impact on the international order are the Covid-19 which though somewhat has abated yet continues to rage and the second event is the Russia-Ukraine War which has implications on the emerging world order. Both these events have several ramifications that lead us to believe that the world is changing inexorably. The capsule therefore will be especially relevant in these trying times and circumstances, which urge us to re-invent and re-align our values to overcome the unique challenges which are facing the world. The lectures will focus on the evolving dynamics of the geopolitics & geo-strategy as well as many other factors that have a great bearing on India’s strategic and security approaches. The objective is to reach out to participants so that they could understand India’s foreign and security policy choices better from an Indian perspective.
The capsule will examine different themes and topics. Each day a new issue will be discussed, debated and deliberated upon. Compared to the previous years the strategic capsule would be a truncated version with limited number of topics. Some of the subjects that may be covered are listed below:-

  1. Impact of Ukraine Crisis & Covid-19 on the Changing World Order
  2. Assessing the Future of India’s Economy
  3. India’s Perspective on Ukraine Conflict
  4. A Review of Indo-Pacific in the Contemporary Context
  5. Understanding China
  6. Analysis of Recent Developments in Afghanistan & Pakistan
  7. India and the Neighbourhood (less Afghanistan & Pakistan)
How to Apply for the Capsule:

The Embassies/High Commissions can apply for the capsule by giving the following details:-

  • Embassy/High Commission - Country
  • Name of the Official
  • Designation of the Official
  • Email ID
  • Mobile No. (Not mandatory)

(Maximum three officials per Embassy/High Commission can apply for the capsule.)

The above details should be sent to [email protected] by 14 May 2022

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