Vimarsha on : Importance of Governance in India’s Future with Dr. Mahesh N Buch
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Importance of Governance in India’s Future

The eminent and highly respected Civil Servant, Dr. Mahesh N Buch gave a very spirited talk on the Importance of Governance in India’s Future, at the VIF Auditorium on 30 Aug 10. He highlighted the role of decisive leaders like Margaret Thatcher who displayed the will to govern. He lamented that in India, slogans have replaced programmes. He spoke of his extensive stints as an Administrator in the tribal Bastar regions and highlighted the painful lack of delivery and development. He emphasized the need for a motivational change in the services and highlighted the following:-
Good governance is based on programmes. Today, slogans have replaced programmes.

  • There is too much ad hocism in the government.
  • Gross neglect of development has led to the growth of Naxalism.
  • Need to reduce interface between Government and the people.
  • Need for interlocking accountability.
  • The civil servants are servants of law and society and not of individual politicians.
  • Lastly, he emphasized the need for courage of conviction, on part of civil servants.
Event Date 
August 30, 2010
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