2001 Bonn Afghan Conference - 2024 Swiss Ukraine Peace Summit Lessons For India
Amb Asoke Mukerji, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

"India's position has been vindicated," Ambassador Asoke Mukerji, India's Former Permanent Representative to the UN says on 'The Gist'. That's because 14 out of the 100 participants of the 'Summit on Peace in Ukraine' in Switzerland similarly dissociated themselves from the communiqué. India took part in the conference over the weekend. But did not "associate" itself with the joint communiqué, along with several countries. Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and the UAE were among those that did not sign the communiqué. Brazil as an observer, didn't either. Ambassador Pavan Kapoor, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs represented India at the two-day meeting.

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